Update from Eversource – Clearing Work Alongside Corridor



Dear Lanesborough Community member:


As part of our everyday effort to deliver reliable energy to our customers and communities, we are planning to conduct a Transmission Right-of-Way Reliability Program (TRRP) project in the right-of-way (ROW) corridor between Eversource’s Berkshire substation in Hinsdale traveling through Hinsdale, Dalton, Cheshire, Lanesborough and Hancock to the New York State border. The Transmission Right-of-Way Reliability Program is a long-term transmission system reliability and resiliency program that increases the maintained width of the right-of-way to the easement edge. This program improves system reliability by reducing the number of tree fall-in risks and has proven to be an effective way to create a sustainable environment comprised of vegetation that can safely coexist with the transmission lines. Our long-term management objective is to manage these newly cleared areas as early succession habitat and encourage the growth of grasses, forbs, and shrubs.

Most of the clearing will occur along the south side of the ROW corridor between the NY State Border and Lanesborough.  This newly cleared area will be maintained in the future as a “Border Zone”. The figure below illustrates the proposed condition of the ROW after work is completed. 

Prior to the commencement of any tree work activities, a final vegetation management map set will be developed for the project that includes tree work details, time-of-year restrictions, and locations of approved construction mats for sensitive and wetland resource areas. In addition, the boundaries of all wetland resources will be clearly marked in the field with highly visible plastic flagging tape to minimize the unauthorized encroachment of tree clearing equipment into wetland resource areas.

Eversource is currently going through the initial permitting phase for authorization to complete the proposed TRRP clearing work.  Our biggest goal right now is to communicate with as many concerned citizens as possible to achieve a clear understanding of what this project is about and how it benefits the community.



For More Information

Keeping the lines of communication open is important to us.  You may contact Christopher J. Hayward at christopher.j.hayward@eversource.com or 781-441-8674.  You can also contact our Project Hotline at 888-673-9943 or send an email to ProjectInfo@eversource.com and mention the proposed WMA TRRP WT-02 project in the subject line. We welcome your feedback and look forward to discussing this project in more detail.