Tree & Forest Committee

The Tree and Forest Committee is composed of 5 members appointed by the Select Board for staggered 3 year terms. The Tree and Forest Committee’s mission is to work in conjunction with the town Tree Warden to maintain, promote, and improve the health of trees on town land, and to increase awareness of the importance of trees and tree care within the community. The Committee receives a $1,000 line item budget annually from the Town which is supplemented with donations, fund raising efforts and occasional grants.

The Tree and Forest Committee conducts 6 meetings each year and members give volunteer hours to weed, mulch, and prune the many trees that have been planted through the efforts of the Committee. These trees enhance the beauty of Lanesborough and are located at Town Hall, Town Memorial Park, Lanesborough Elementary School Arboretum, Laston Park, Wampatuck Park on Narragansett Avenue, and along Route 7 at Skyline, at Putnam Street, and St. Luke Stone Church. The Committee also oversees maintenance of “King Elmer” our Champion Elm located on Summer Street just off Route 7.

We are always looking for interested individuals to support our committee. No experience required. Please email Jim Neureuther or call (413) 499-4440. 

Committee Members (3 Yr Staggered Term)

Name Title Term Expires
James Neureuther Chair FY 2025
George Keller Member FY 2026
Eammon Coughlin Member FY 2024
William Carr Member FY 2024
Lisa Dachinger Member FY 2026