Baker Hill Road District

The Baker Hill Road District is a separate legal entity and not part of the municipality of the Town of Lanesborough

The Baker Hill Road District was created through a 1989 home-rule petition filed by the Town of Lanesborough. The Baker Hill Road District Prudential Committee, a three member appointed body, governs the Baker Hill Road District. The Town of Lanesborough appoints two members to the Committee, and the owners of property within the Baker Hill Road District have authority to appoint the other member. The District owns the US-7/SR-8 CONNECTOR ROAD (formerly Berkshire Mall Drive), and it and three property owners are encompassed by the District boundaries. Those property owners are taxed to cover any debt service and road maintenance required to keep the road open as a public way. Those property owners were COMM 2005 FL-10 Berkshire Mall, LLC (owner of the Berkshire Mall), Target, and BMG, LLC. 

The District meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12:00 pm at the Water District located at 20 Bridge Street in Lanesborough.

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District Members (3 Year Staggered Term)

Name Title Term Expires
Bill Prendergast Chair 2024
John W. Goerlach Member 2023
Henry Sayers Member 2024
Lorna Gayle Secretary/Clerk  
Linda Pruyne Treasurer/Accountant  
Mark Siegars Attorney