Ethics Training / Opening Meeting Law Guide

There are 3 parts to the requirements of the State's Conflict of Interest and Open Meeting Laws:

  • Pursuant to the State’s Conflict of Interest Law and State Ethics Commission’s Enabling Act, every “Municipal Employee”, including unpaid elected and appointed officials, is required to sign a written acknowledgement that he/she has been provided with a summary of the Conflict of Interest Law. You may either fill out and print the "Acknowledgement of Receipt of Summary" at the end of the summary and return it to the Town Clerk or simply reply to this email with the following statement:
“I hereby acknowledge that I received a copy of the summary of the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees.” Then, place your full name after the statement.

  • You are also required to complete the online ethics training program within 30 days after becoming such an employee and every two years thereafter. Make sure you turn off all pop-up blockers on your computer before you begin. All municipal employees must complete the online training program. Upon completion of the online training program you must print out a copy of the certificate and provide it to the Town Clerk. You may scan and email a copy of the Conflict of Interest certificate.
  • The third requirement is that an individual must sign a new certification when reappointed or reelected to a position. The Open Meeting Law Guide
 If you have any questions regarding any of the above requirements please contact the Town Clerk at (413) 442-1351.