Conflict of Interest Information

The Conflict of Interest acknowledgment process has changed as of 1/1/23.

The MA State Ethics Division is now keeping all the Conflict of Interest records/certificates for municipal employees/committee members, and will contact those individuals who do not comply with the State Law.

All municipal employees/committee members/volunteers must now REGISTER ONLINE with the State in order to complete the Conflict of Interest (COI) requirements.  The link to register is:
Once you have registered with the State (you may use any email address you wish to register), you must complete the following:
(1) The Conflict of Interest Summary --MUST be acknowledged every year.  (You do NOT need to print out the certificate when you have completed this module)

Also:  below are links to the Open Meeting Law guide, and the Guide for Committees, if applicable to you:
Guide for Committees

 If you have any questions regarding any of the above requirements please contact the Town Clerk at (413) 442-1351.