Building Inspection

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Our Building Inspector examines submitted plans for new construction, renovations and alterations, for compliance to all applicable building codes, statutes and Zoning Bylaws. He approves plans, safety and zoning requirements and issues building, demolition, sign, fence, pool and wood/pellet stove permits.

The Building Inspector inspects new buildings and/or structures under construction and upon completion for compliance with applicable codes. He inspects alterations and repairs during construction and at completion. He issues Certificates of Occupancy for new construction. He issues Certificates of Inspection and inspects existing buildings upon complaints for code and/or zoning violations. He enforces code and zoning violation notices.

Building Permits are now available through our on-line permitting system. Click on the Forms & Applications page for more Information.

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Staff Contacts
Name:  Contact W. Rick Reid 

Hours of Operation : By Appointment Only