Police Station Committee

The Police Building Committee is conducting an assessment of proposed site locations and floor plans for a new combined Lanesborough Police and Ambulance Facility, taking into account needs of Lanesborough taxpayers and without compromising or neglecting needs and necessities required for the job duties of Lanesborough Police Officers and EMTs. Consideration of said needs projected out over 25 years. 

The new building must be safe for first responders and the community, accessible to all, up to current building and ADA Codes, functional for purposes of Police and Ambulance work and community needs for projected 25 years. 

The committee plans to present compiled data to the community at an upcoming Town Meeting. 

Tuesdays at 3:00 pm, at Town Hall and sites visits as scheduled. 
Updates on project progress will be presented at each Select Board Meeting between March 2022 and Annual Town meeting, or as long as needed.

Committee Members
Name Title
Rob Derksen Chief of Police/ Non Voting Member
Josh Lang Town Administrator/ Non-Voting Member
Jen Hall-Weber EMS Director/ Non-Voting Member
Kristen Tool Chair
William Cook Member
Bill Mahon Member
Glen Storie Member
William (Bill)Calderwood Member

For questions related to the Police Building Committee please email Kristen Tool, Chair.