School Committees

About McCann Technical School
In 1958 the Northern Berkshire Vocational Regional School District was formed for the first time in the history of the Commonwealth for a regional trade high school. It was precedent setting and became the guide and model for other regional vocational school districts. A vocational school amendment signed into law on June 29, 1959 (appended to Chap. 518) allowed the city of North Adams to join up to 14 area towns in forming a regional school district. Normally the law permits only towns to join other towns to form regional school districts. Originally there were nine communities interested in forming the regional school district, but only 7 decided to continue. The district communities were North Adams, Adams, Clarksburg, Florida, Monroe, Savoy and Williamstown. The district revised its original agreement in 2012 adding the towns of Cheshire and Lanesborough. The Northern Berkshire Vocational Regional School District Committee hires the superintendent who is responsible for the district’s operations. For more information please visit the McCann Technical School Website.

Mount Greylock Regional School District Committee
The School Committee is the governing body of Mount Greylock High School.  Mount Greylock is the High School (Grades 7-12) for the Towns of Lanesborough and Williamstown. The School Committee is responsible for:

  • Defining the vision, mission and goals of the Mount Greylock School
  • Establishing and monitoring the annual operating budget
  • Hiring, managing, and evaluating the Superintendent
Please click here for the official School Committee website.