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Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study
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Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study

Lanesborough will be conducting a Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study for the Police Department.  There has been a lot of publicity regarding the conditions of the current building.  It is time to fix or find appropriate housing for the Police Department.  The Needs Assessment portion of the project will determine exactly the current and future needs of the department.  The portion of the project that is the Feasibility Study will then focus on determing the best options for proceeding, based on the Needs Assessment, such as repairing the current location, purchasing existing buildings to refurbish, or building new. 

The first step toward getting the Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study is to send out/advertise/seek qualified engineers who can do the work involved in the request.  The Feasibility Study is a necessary step to be eligible for Federal or State funds. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is currently being developed for publication.

The Town voted on June 11, 2019, at its annual Town Meeting to require a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and funded the project for an additional $10,000.00 with the knowledge there was $20,000.00 put aside already.  This creates a fund of $30,000.00.

The process is as follows :

  • RFQ - developed then advertised
  • Qualifications based on the tasks in the RFQ submitted
  • RFQ opened, viewed and scored by the Board of Selectmen or their designee
  • Once the RFQs have been scored interviews can take place if the Board of Selecmen has questions not answered by the documents provided
  • Consultant is chosen
  • Cost for Feasibility Study and Needs Assessment is negotiated with the first chosen consultant.  If an agreement cannot be entered into, the second ranking consultant will then be asked to step up and negotiations will begin again, and so on until a consultant is procured. 
  • Successful consultant begins work with an an end date of 5 months after the order to begin work has been issued.

Once the information is available it will  be presented to the Town for YOUR determination on how to best meet the needs of the Police Department's housing. After all it is your tax money at work. 

The RFQ and all related public documents will be posted on the website in 3 locations, the Board of Selectmen page, Police Department page and Town Manager's page. 

I will be keeping you updated through this page as often as I can (or have new information).  Please check back for updates or you can go to the  home page and sign up for automatic updates for this page here


Kelli A. Robbins, Esq.

Town Manager