Update on Pontoosuc Lake


October 5,2022


I have had questions and comments in response to my Sept 29 bulletin, and since many of them may be of general interest, rather than just answer them individually, I’m issuing another general bulletin on several topics.  I’ll try to keep it brief.

Drawdown. and ramp repair.  The dock at the boat ramp was removed temporarily for a day  recently but it is back in place for now.  It will definitely be removed for the season by Monday the 17, and possibly on the 14th in order to accommodate the ramp upgrade work being done this fall.  The ramp will be closed.  Please if you need to use this ramp to remove your boat from the lake plan to do it by Friday the 14th.  Drawdown will be initiated on the 15th in accordance with the permit from the DEP.  

Cyanobacteria.  The health advisory remains in effect and we will not recommend its removal until there has been no scum for two weeks.  Analysis of samples from the water column continue to show toxin levels below the threshold for an alert, but there are toxins in the scum at the surface which can be hazardous.   A scum was observed on Friday the 30th at multiple locations.  Please, if you observe a green scum, inform us, and if possible send a picture.  Is it safe to kayak etc.?  Do so at your own risk, and if you encounter green scum be careful not to ingest any and rinse off ASAP when leaving the water.  Dogs are at particular risk.

Drawdown Level?   The permitted drawdown level is 3 feet +/- .5 feet for this winter.  Deep (5 feet) drawdowns are no longer necessary for weed control, but may be done in the future for maintenance projects.  Nothing requiring deeper than 3 feet is planned for this winter.  

Weed Survey.  Volunteers from the Friends of Pontoosuc will be conducting a weed survey this Friday the 7th at 10:00, and we need some help.  We will be working from a pontoon boat, leaving from the boat launch at the City park on Hancock Rd.  We will be accompanied by an aquatic biologist from Solitude Lake Management.  If you can help for a couple hours please “respond all” to the email sending this bulletin and we will be in touch.

Lee Hauge, President

Friends of Pontoosuc, and 

Lanesborough Harbormaster