Information on your Real Estate Tax Bill

Hello residents and happy new year,

In response to a few questions that have come to Town Hall / the Select Board, we wanted to provide information on your current tax bills, specifically as it relates to the “Yard Tax” item in the property description box.

Your total real estate tax assessment is based on three sets of values:

  • Land Value
  • Building Value
  • Yard Value

While it is listed as “Yard Tax” on your current real estate bill, this is not a new tax . This is your yard value as it has been calculated in previous years and only applies to residents who may have certain additions or accessory buildings on their property, including but not limited to pools, gazebos, sheds and unattached garages. This information is also listed on your property cards which can be found by accessing the Assessor’s Database here:

In previous years, the yard value amount has not always been itemized separately on your Real Estate Tax Bill, but it was always included in your total assessed property value. The format of bills often changes from year to year, and some older bills did have the Yard Tax / Value listed separately.   The valued amount is listed out in this year's property description but again, it is not a new tax or additional amount.  For future bills we will seek to provide additional information / notation if possible.

More information, including process and eligibility to apply for an abatement, can be found on the Tax Assessor’s page on the Town Website:

If you have any further questions, please contact the Assessor’s Office either by email or by coming into the Town Hall during its office hours.

Gina Dario, Town Administrator