Transportation Services

Full Pic of van

Monday - Thursday 8 am to 4 pm
The CoA van is a cooperative service between Berkshire Regional Transit Authority and the Town of Lanesborough.  We offer reduced fare  rides for Lanesborough residents who are 60 plus and any one with disabilities.  Our van is lift equipped and available to take you to medical appointments, health clinics, social events, day trips, community events, voting  banking, day programs, social events, etc. 

Our drivers are reliable, sensitive, and always maintain a professional attitude.  They perform their duties with the highest regard for safety, comfort, and the convenience of their passengers.

All drivers undergo extensive driver training including defensive driving, passenger assistance, and CPR.

Reservations need to be made no less than 24 hours prior to pick up through the COA office at 413-448-2682.  The name and address of the passenger,  time of appointment, the destination address and a contact telephone number are required.   

Fares are as follows:
Within Lanesborough  $1 each way.
To Pittsfield and Dalton $2 each way
To Lenox  and Adams $3 each way 
To  North Adams or Williamstown $4 each way

“I love the van.  I don’t mind not driving anymore.” Mary Moseley, passenger.