Berkshire Village

Black and White Photo of lake

Berkshire Village, formerly known as East Lanesborough, is a small community near the junction of Summer Street and Old State Road, adjacent to Route 8. In the second half of the 19th Century, it was the site of the Berkshire GlassWorks, which at its peak employed more than 100 people. The GlassWorks produced some of the finest glass of its day, including colored glass used by the Tiffany Glass company. Today the Village is comprised of a few dozen houses, with two churches and one business. It has its own zip code (01224), even though the post office closed many years ago.

The 1872 school house is currently used by the VFW and American Legion. It also is the site of the Berkshire Food Pantry, which distributes food to more than 100 families each week. The Pantry is run by volunteers, most of whom are veterans.

Photo of a lake in autumn

Ashuwilticook Rail Trail Photo          

The Ashuwillticook Rail Trail runs through Berkshire Village through woods and alongside Berkshire Pond and the Cheshire Reservoir.