Lanesborough, Massachusetts


Town Board, Committee & Commission Members

Appointments Term Expiration Email Phone
Agricultural Commission      
3 Year Staggered Term:      
Darlene J. Newton, Chair FY2019 413-443-0524
Marvin W. Michalak
Jim Schultz
Board of Assessors      
3 Year Staggered Term:      
Kelly Tolisano
FY2019 413-442-8622
Regina DiLego FY2020  
Lisa Wellspeak FY2018  
Board of Health      
3 Year Staggered Term:      
Nancy McCabe Boudreau, Chair
FY2018 413-442-1167, x28
Francisca Hemming-Kristensen FY2020    
Lawrence Spatz FY2019    
Board of Registrars      
3 Year Staggered Term:      
Ruth Knysh FY2020 413-442-1351
Judith Volin FY2020    
Sandra Bushey FY2018    
Donna R. Noonan FY2019    
Local Cable Television Committee      
3 Year Term:      
Ronald Tinkham, Chair FY2019
Edward Piacenti FY2018    
Michael Murphy
Cemetery Commissioners      
3 Year Term:      
Mary C. Reilly, Chair FY2019 413-443-6153
Amy Szczepaniak FY2020    
John Goerlach FY2018   3
Conservation Commission      
3 Year Term:      
Stacy Parsons, Chair FY2020 413-442-1167, X20
Joe Tybrus FY2019    
Dean Maynard FY2019    
Jack Hickey FY2018    
David Vogel
 Council on Aging      
 3 Year Terms:      
 Stephanie Michalik FY2018 413-442-2682
 Mark Siegars  FY2019    
Linda Pruyne FY2020    
DPW Study Group      
1 Year Term:      
Barbara Hassan, Chair FY2018 413-822-4742
William Decelles FY2018    
Kevin Towle FY2018    
Mark Froio FY2018    
John Goerlach FY2018    
Lee Hauge FY2018    
Timothy O'Brien FY2018     
Economic Development Committee      
1 Year Term:      
Barbara Davis Hassan, Chair FY2018 413-822-4742
David Vogel FY2018    
Thomas Voisin FY2018    
Louise Conlon FY2018    
Kevin Towle FY2018    
Energy Committee      
3 Year Terms:      
Robert Ericson, Chair FY2019 413-443-7420
Gordon Zaks FY2019 413-499-4680
Jack Hickey FY2018 413-443-7420
David Vogel
 FY2018 413-445-5715
Kevin Towle FY2020  413-627-1799
Fire Department: Board of Engineers  
1 Year Term:      
Charles Durfee, Chief FY2018 413-443-2321
Jeff Dechaine, Deputy Chief FY2018  
J.D. Hebert, Deputy Chief-EMS FY2018  
Charles E. Garrity, Deputy Chief-EMD FY2018  
Ryan McCormick, Captain
Devon Whalen, Training Officer
Jay Trybus, Captain
Adam Ambrose, Lieutenant
Tim Sayer, Captain
Cody Sanderson, Lieutenant FY2018    
Historical Commission      
3 Year Term:      
Jeffrey DeChaine FY2019    
Mary C Reilly, Chair FY2018
Katharine Westwood FY2018    
Kevin Towle FY2020

Shannon Ashcroft FY2019    
Police Advisory Review Commission  
5 Year Term:      
John Weider, Chair
FY2020 413-442-1167, X20
James Rathbun FY2021    
 Aaron M. Williams FY2018    
Scott Stevens
James Barnes FY2019    
Pontoosuc Lake Roads Committee  
1 Year Term:      
Lee Hauge FY2018 413-442-1167, X20
Jack Hickey FY2018    
Ron Tinkham FY2018    
Kevin Towle FY2018    
Recreation Committee      
3 Year Term:      
Timothy Sorrell, Chair FY2019 413-281-7399
William Auger
Carol Newberry
Rick Paris FY2019    
Jason Pause
Marc Bellora FY2018    
Shannon Carison
Sewer Commissioners      
3 Year Staggered Term:      
Mark Froio FY2020  413-442-1167, X20
Vacant FY2018    

Luke Labendz

Tree and Forest Committee  
3 Year Term:      
James Neureuther, Chair FY2019 413-442-1167, X20
Paula Byrdy FY2018    
Shannon Ashcroft FY2019    
George Keller FY2020    
Eammon Coughlin FY2021    
Zoning Board of Appeals      
5 Year Staggered Term:      
Ronald Tinkham, Chair FY2019 413-448-8370
Harley Phelps FY2018    
Robert Sampson FY2020    
Gordon Zaks FY2021    
Robert D. Mossman
1 Year Term:      
Betsy Bean, Alternate FY2018    
Kevin Towle, Alternate



Last updated 2/27/2018